VHDC 2017-2018 Schedule    

Our Classes

Classes at the Von Heidecke Dance Center are divided by type of dance and level. The majority of our classes are ballet, however we do have Hip Hop and Musical Theater which are held once a week.

Ballet classes range from beginning ballet (PB 1, 2, 3) and Intermediate to Advanced Ballet (A through E). In addition to technique classes, more experienced dancers can also take Pointe (I, II, or III). Each student is evaluated periodically throughout the year to determine if they are proficient enough to move to the next level. These determinations are made by Mr. Von Heidecke and the other experienced dance instructors.

If you are new to the area or have never taken dance classes before, we recommend that you contact our studio to make an appointment for a complimentary evaluation. Please note that the following dress code is followed at the dance center:


  • Pink tights with feet (footed or convertible tights).
  • Pink ballet shoes with elastic and pointe shoes, if required.
  • Solid colored leotard based on dance level (complete list at the studio) without adornment or skirt.
  • Hair should be pulled back, away from the face, and tightly secured so the student can learn the proper technique for turns (pirouettes, chaînés, piqué turns, etc.).

  • Black tights or form fitting athletic wear and white socks.
  • Black or white ballet shoes.
  • White t-shirt, tucked in.
  • Dance belt required upper level classes.
  • Hair longer than chin length tightly secured.

"Balanchine said that the greatest artist is a poet, and Kenneth is a poet. We must embrace Kenneth and his work and make him a part of Chicago like the Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Chicago Symphony. The level of Kenneth's students and professional dancers only proves that we can have home grown professional ballet without importing."
-- Maria Tallchief - Prima Ballerina Assoluta